Before we start... the name, ChewyPineapple... It’s because Liam’s often nicknamed Chewy because of his surname, and Sabina literally looks like a pineapple when her hair is in a messy bun. Yep, it’s that simple. 


So... our paths met in February 2017 on a night out in Chelmsford. 


I was surprised how well I could hear her over the club music and thought “wow she can shout really loud”... turns out that’s just her normal voice...


Since then we’ve been taking every opportunity to see the world, and dreaming about big adventures. We were actually living in different countries at the time and so eventually decided to try our luck in Mallorca together. Sabina worked as an au-pair in El-toro (basically a nanny) whilst Liam was dropping plates in a restaurant somewhere in Magaluf. 


Something to note here was that I wasn’t actually a waiter... I was a PR that just happened to break a lot of things. 


We moved over to Prague for Christmas and landed some temp work for a security company, before returning to the UK in January together and renting a cheap room in Southend-On-Sea.


With Sabina working as a waitress, and Liam as an engineer (sort of...) we saved up enough money in 12 months for a years’ working holiday visa in New Zealand. The application process was nerve-racking, especially given that the Czech’s are only entitled to 1200 visa’s per year for the entire country - in other words, we were extremely lucky.


Note: You may think 12 months is a long time to save just for a working holiday, but most of our spending was on clothes and equipment for our travels. We wanted to be prepared for anything, and in Liam’s eyes, the word anything literally means ‘anything up to, and including nuclear warfare...’ so to put it lightly, we spent a lot of the money we earnt.


That sounds quite funny until you find out you are running out of money, and so by the end of the summer, we started saving up again.


S + L

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